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Wedding: The Jitters And Questions

Wedding: The Jitters And Questions

  • 01 June, 201631 Jul, 2018
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- “In love we often doubt what we most believe.”

Love happens, Golden period is going on, the date of wedding comes near, preparations are going on, relatives have confirmed their attendance, the date of wedding comes closer, the shopping is going on, the date comes very close, the salon is decided, the beautician is fixed, the date is looming over your head, it feels as if it is just tomorrow and you are scared, you feel like something is wrong, something is amiss, something should not be happening, wait a minute- you think the wedding should not be happening, it’s wrong, it is a hasty decision, a decision for which you need time, and then suddenly you start cursing yourself for thinking such things, you get sad because you thought about it in a negative manner, then there are mood swings, temper flares & emotional outbursts .

We all want to know how our stories will end and we want to know now. We want to know before the wedding if our marriage will last 50+ years. It is very scary to make any decision about the rest of our lives when we don’t feel we have all the answers.
Well, you just need to stay calm and relax. It is nothing but pre wedding jitters, a phenomenon that is just as common as is the concept of wedding. Pre-wedding jitters are one of society’s best-kept secrets and it’s important for you to understand that these feelings, their intensity, and even their frequency have nothing to do with the quality of your relationship with your future spouse and your ability to have a happy and enduring marriage.

The best way to get through the jitters is to talk about them. If you have siblings or close friends who are already married, ask them how they felt in the weeks and days before their wedding. Talk with your mom, aunt or even your grandmother — people who have been through the jitters and survived. Talking everything through can help ease your concerns.

During the romantic dating phase of a relationship, it’s easy to just focus on all of the great things about your partner while minimizing his/her faults. But once faced with the commitment of marriage, you may start to dwell on your partner’s imperfections and differences and wonder – is this person really the one for me? As said earlier, talk to your partner, share everything you feel and, you may even be surprised to hear he or she is having similar thoughts and fears.

You are probably never going to get rid of pre-wedding jitters, but you want to avoid a total panic attack before walking down the aisle. Remember that no one is perfect. Everyone has faults; nobody is perfect. And because of imperfections and the differences that exist between the two of you, arguments are bound to happen at times. Your happiness doesn’t depend on your ability to find the “perfect” mate. It depends on you being the ‘right’ mate and bringing your best to the table. It takes work to keep a relationship successful, long-lasting and Pragatinagar Community Hall.


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